First Ever Inductive

Non-invasive Blood Glucose Meter

World’s first to use patented high-tech non-invasive blood glucose meter. Our unique high-tech sensing, acquisition, and identifying method have been proven and applied for a patent in many countries, many have been approved. eTouchng ETM-GO1E(The first-ever Non-invasive blood glucose meter) can be the key to successful diabetes management. It provides the Bluetooth facility too .with the proven accuracy in blood glucose reading.

This technology can provide higher sensitivity than traditional spectroscopy in the determination of glucose, because of the relatively better photoacoustic response of blood, as compared with water. This makes it easier to distinguish hydrocarbons and glucose

A Record Breaking Discovery

Finally relief from those painful needle sticks to test for Glucose!

No Needle

No more finger pricking pain: no lancets needed, no need to use needles.

No Blood

Proven accuracy in blood glucose reading - No bleeding

No Infection

Non-invasive means no infection that often results from traditional glucose testing

No Test Strips

Hugh savings, no need to buy costly test strips and lancets anymore

No Pain

Most importantly, non-invasive means No More Pain!

Huge Savings

No more worries about expensive test strips or keeping track of when they expire


To assist the growing number of diabetes patients and other health-conscious persons, who every day suffer from daily, painful lancing and complicated cleaning process. Only placing thumbs and forefingers of both hands on the sensors of the device, and  in seconds the entire process will be completed and come out  with the accurate result. It is an efficient, painless solution not only for diabetics, but also for people who have a strong sense of health care.  

The ETM-G01E  system is clinically proven to be accurate, stable, and consistent over 14 days compared to blood glucose testing without the need for finger-prick calibration, in adult and pediatric patients. Also, ETM-G01 is clinically proven to show an outstanding accuracy in the low glucose range.


Compliant to test 3 body modes for diabetes: Normal, Pre-Diabetes & TYPE II Diabetes


4-touch type test points, when testing the thumb points of both hands and the index fingers of both hands should be used to press the test points simultaneously


Easy operation (just turn on the power, select user number, mode then touch the test points, whole operation could be finished in 30 seconds, no puncture, no blood collection.


Easy carry (no clean kits, no blood collection pen, no alcohol cotton required.


Clear information show on display: date, time, battery situation, operation status, mode of glucose.


Easy maintain (no needle to change , no need to clean the test parts)

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