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Blood Glucose Meter

Never suffer painful needle pricks again!

World’s first to use patented high-tech non-invasive blood glucose meter. Our unique high-tech sensing, acquisition, and identifying method have been proven and applied for a patent in many countries, many have been approved. eTouchng ETM-GO1E(The first-ever Non-invasive blood glucose meter) can be the key to successful diabetes management. It provides the Bluetooth facility too .with the proven accuracy in blood glucose reading.

Product Features

Correct way to use your Fingers While using ETM-GO1E

Use 2 fingers from each hand to get results in 10-15 seconds

blood glucose meter test
Use your thumb Pulp
blood glucose meter non invasive
Use your Forefinger Pulp


blood glucose meter and test strips
Don’t Use your thumb Tip
blood glucose meter and strips
Don’t Use your Forefinger Tip
blood sugar monitor without test strips

How To Use

blood sugar monitor without strips

Wash your hand

blood sugar monitor without needle

Fingers on test points

blood sugar monitor test strips

Get the result in just 30 seconds

Why Choose eTouchng?


World’s First Patented Inductive noninvasive Blood Glucose Meter.


Easy to use, no need for blood collection anymore.


No more fingert pricking pain: no lancets needed, no need to use needles.


Do not worry about the infections anymore.


Huge savings, no need to buy costly test strips and lancets any more.


Easy to carry (light weight & pocket size).

eTouchNG ETM-G01E

Benefits of eTouchNG ETM-G01E

To assist the growing number of diabetes patients and other health conscious, non-diabetic persons, who every day suffer from lancing painfully, complicated cleaning process and expensive, short validity test strips all from existing traditional blood glucose meters with lancing with lancets; only placing thumbs and forefingers of both hands on the detection sensors of the device, for seconds and the entire process will be completed, resulting in the accurate result. It is an efficient, painless solution not only for diabetes also for people who have a strong sense of health care.

Inductive Non-Invasive Blood Glucose Meter.

No Puncture, No needle required.

No Bleeding.

Saves Cost: no consumables (test strips, needle, etc).

Full 1-year warranty.

Easy to carry (pocket size, and lightweight).

Low power consumption, 2 * AAA batteries could support over 600-1000 test times.

Bluetooth built-in.

The Drawback of 
Current invasive blood Glucose meter